Allowing others to accept you as you are is a gift

From The Dialogues of A Course of Love


There is a specific “call to dialogue” as a practice within The Dialogues of A Course of Love. For those of you interested in exploring this practice of dialogue, reading or re-reading the passages that talk about dialogue may guide you. The most prominent of those are shared here.

Much of what is said about dialogue within The Dialogues is intertwined with other ideas that make it difficult to pick out a clear description. Because of this I’ve done a little deleting of terms that, while important, are all represented in what is included here as the highlights of our call to practice dialogue.

I’ve started with the ending of Day Fourteen where Jesus gives an advance summary of the next day’s topic: Entering The Dialogue. Then I have chosen the passages from Day Fifteen: Entering the Dialogue that give the clearest description of what is being asked of us. Two key phrases, to me, are these:

You are asked to promote wholeness and the sustainability of Christ-consciousness with others sharing this specific means of coming to know with you.

Practice is the merging of the known and the unknown through experience, action, expression, and exchange.


Day Fourteen: Healing

Your acceptance of these words is a form of acceptance of the unknown and as such a means of coming to know.  These words are only one means, which is why this is called a dialogue.  Realize now that this is but one voice of the many.  You have entered into the dialogue with the many as well as the one.  This dialogue is going on all around you.  Have you been listening to but one voice?  Or have you begun to hear the one voice in the many?

You must now own this dialogue — own it as you own the power that is yours.  This one voice of the many will continue to point the way for only a short time longer.  Thus the voice of the many must be heard as the voice of the one.  You are not on this mountain top alone!  Can you not hear your own voice?  Can you not hear the voices of the many who join us here?

Entering the dialogue is the means of sustaining the one voice within the many, the means of sharing your access to unity, the manifestation, in form, of the healed and whole and thus spacious Self.


Day Fifteen: Entering the Dialogue

Engaging in dialogue with those who join you on the mountain top is necessary … it allows a starting point for your practice.

What does it mean to… practice? It means to join together with others who have the ability to maintain Christ-consciousness in your company.  This creates the joining together of spacious Selves.  It is a joining without boundaries.  You become clear pools flowing into each other.  You make your spirits known.

This cannot be explained in great detail, which is why it must be practiced.  It is to your own authority only that you must appeal for guidance.  The first step is to access your own readiness.  Are you able to be a clear pool?  If not, what prevents you?  Do not be too hard on yourself now, for as has been said, the stones within your pools are like flecks of sands within the ocean.  Observe these stones with neutrality and see if they do not wash away.  Your willingness to have them gone is all that is required.  If doubts of your readiness continue to persist, remember that doubt is caused by fear.  Examine what you fear.  Is it really the stones within your pool, or is it the challenge of moving with the current that you know will be generated by the joining of spacious Selves?  Do you fear your power even though you have been told it cannot be misused?  Do you feel unworthy and seek to keep your unworthiness hidden?  Do you still fear being known?

If so, enter the dialogue with the purpose of your final preparations in mind.  Bring your fears into the light of oneness and see how the light dispels the darkness.  This is what we are here for.  There is no time to waste and no protracted length of time will be required if your willingness is true.

You are here to make one another known and in so doing to know oneness.  It will be less difficult to know this voice as the voice of oneness once you have listened to the voice of oneness in each other and benefited from its healing properties.  To heal is to make whole.  To make whole is to become the spacious Self.  To become the spacious Self is to become ready to be informed and to inform with the spirit of creation.

This is a very “individual” stage in the creative process.  “Group think” does not replace the consciousness of the One Self with the “one group self.”  This is not a time of being judged or of adopting the beliefs of others but one of finally conquering judgment with neutrality or acceptance.  Allowing others to accept you as you are is a gift that releases them from judgment and any notion that may have remained within them that Christ-consciousness is a form of “group think.”  Never will you feel more like an individual than when you are made known through the informing of spirit!

Realize how necessary dialogue is.  Many resist this stage of development because they feel they have achieved inner knowing.  They may still consider themselves to be capable of growing and changing, but feel, in a certain sense, that it is unnecessary.  They have achieved a goal consistent with their concept of inner knowing and mistaken this as knowing the self.  Movement is necessary to know the self.  The on-going informing or animation of the physical with the spiritual is just that — on-going.  The easiest way of all to slip from knowing to not knowing is through stagnating in a “known” place.  To cease to accept the unknown is to cease to come to know.

Entering the dialogue keeps you in constant contact with the unknown and with unceasing coming to know.

You thus are not to come together as the known but as the unknown.  You dialogue about the unknown, not the known.  By keeping in constant contact with the unknown you stay in constant dialogue for you have not claimed a knowing that disallows coming to know.  You are in dialogue because in dialogue, coming to know is a fluid exchange.

Imagine the current of the energy, or clear pools of the spacious selves, coming together.  This current washes some stones clean and washes others away.  It changes the clear pool by dredging up sediment that has settled on the bottom.  As the clear pool merges with the current of other clear pools it is able to change directions, see new sights, gain new insights.  While this is only an initial, or practice stage of movement, it is obvious that movement will always be needed for the clear pool to not become a stagnant pond.

To be engaged in dialogue with certain others is different than entering the dialogue, but entering the dialogue is not different than engaging in specific dialogues.  This is so because entering the dialogue is an all-encompassing state in which everything and everyone interacts with you through the exchange of dialogue.  While you are asked to promote wholeness and the sustainability of Christ-consciousness with others sharing this specific means of coming to know with you, you are not asked to disregard any other means of coming to know or to see any others differently than you see those with whom you are engaged in this specific dialogue for this specific purpose or practice.

Knowing that you have entered the dialogue does not mean that you will not have an awareness of those who would infringe upon, rather than join with, your boundary-less state.  …  You must respect the boundaries of those who are still in need of them and not offer more than can be received.  This is why practice among those who are ready to be boundary-less and spacious selves is appropriate and acceptable.

To practice, as to inform, is to make known.  To practice, as to inform, does not mean that you know nothing. Practice is the merging of the known and the unknown through experience, action, expression, and exchange.  It alters the known through interaction with the unknown.  It allows the continuing realization that what you knew yesterday was as nothing to what you know today, while at the same time, aiding in the realization that what you come to know has always existed within you in the realm of the unknown that also exists within you.

While you have not been asked to remove yourself from life during this time on the mountain, you have been asked to be here and to join with others here for a purpose.

One of the practical aspects has just been discussed — that of engaging in dialogue with some and entering the dialogue with all.  This is a demonstration of levels of consciousness at work.  It is important to be able to hold the spacious consciousness of the One Self and also to be able to focus — to not exclude while also making choices about where your attention is given.  Just as you respect the boundaries of those who are still in need of boundaries, you also must respect your own boundary-less space.

As you engage in dialogue as the spacious Self and are made known, your purpose here will become more clear.  Thus your ability to embrace all while focusing on your own purpose in being here, will begin a new process of individuation.  The distinctness of your own path will be made visible and you will see that it may be quite different from the others with whom you are coming to know, and perhaps quite different than you thought it would be.  You will be shown that you can enter the dialogue with all and still focus, or place your attention, on areas that might not interest others in the slightest.

You may, thus, find that there is a time of walking alone approaching, or a time of gathering with many.  You will realize that you have felt cocooned by the time on the mountain and by those who have joined you, and that you may have grown less eager to strike out on your own.  You may have thought the joining being done here was the joining with a specific group rather than a joining with yourself and with all.  This fallacy needs to be brought to your attention now so that as you join in true spaciousness with those coming to know along with you, you do not create false ideas concerning what this is about.

Remember that this journey has not been about becoming self-less but about realizing your true identity.  We have now debunked your myths about your true identity being an idealized form of the self.  Now are you ready, through your ability to view your own Self as well as that which you observe with a neutrality that embraces the unknown as well as the known, to reclaim your Self and your purpose here.


From “A Note on Being” the final chapter of The Dialogues

Leave these words behind now, and bring only the dialogue with you.  You will unerringly find those who can engage in the new dialogue, those who have chosen the new, those who seek to share and exchange in harmony.  Thus will you begin and your numbers increase.


Beloved Alma Mater

I’ve been thinking of the “what’s after the Course” remarks that Jesus made. In my memory I thought the paragraph I was looking for used the word alumni, and that it was in the “Note on Being” at the end of The Dialogues. When I didn’t find it there, I did a word search in all three books and still there was no “alumni” coming up. Finally, I thought of “Learning in the Time of Christ” and there I found what I was looking for by the wrong name.

This Course becomes a beloved alma mater, honored and returned to as a giver of new life. It offers no walls to confine you. It becomes not dogma to restrict you. It is new life come to extend the way of creation, the way of love, the way of living, the new way. It will be with you in every dialogue and will not leave you comfortless. It has no end point in its benefits and associations.

In Latin, alma mater means “fostering mother.” I just discovered that. I love it.

To foster is to care, to help to grow or develop, and to cherish. But what I imagined when I read “fostering mother” was the divine feminine assisting in our rebirth. I also imagined children being fostered by a wise and caring “mother” not their own…given perhaps the kind of care of the heart or spirit that their original birth mother could not provide.

Alma mater naturally brings up an association with education – generally with college, and the school from which you’ve graduated. I like that too because higher education is like a line of demarcation between youth and maturity and generally propels a person into a career that becomes their new way of life.

Jesus says this Course becomes a beloved alma mater.

Let me share with you the paragraphs that precede the one I started with.

You are not a “student” of The Dialogues but a full participant in The Dialogues. You have entered the final stages of revelation of Who You Are. When Who You Are is fully revealed you will realize that it is time to leave the classroom and live as Who You Are in the world. You will realize that your participation in the world as Who You Are is part of an on-going dialogue, and that it is an on-going aspect of creation by which the new will be created.

What now will be your relationship to this work that has returned you to Who You Are? Your relationship to this work continues as you live and express Who You Are being in the world. For some of you this may mean continued involvement with this coursework and a direct sharing of it with others. For many more of you it will not.

For each, being Who You Are will be an expression of unity and oneness that only you are able to express. As each expresses who they are being in unity and relationship, creation of the new will proceed and wholeness and healing renew the world in which you live.


Make no mistake that what is asked of us is everything.  What is asked is our total willingness to abandon the old, our total willingness to embrace the new.  But also make no mistake that what is given to us is everything.  All the power of creation is released onto us.  Let us begin.

A Treatise on the New, 12.36

Soon you will be unable to hold back. Isn’t that an inspiring idea?

The movement of these books for our hearts, is from a course, to treatises, to dialogue. In A Course of Love, Jesus calls this Course a catalyst:

This Course is but a trigger.  These words the prelude to the explosion.  It is as if you have been waiting for someone to whisper: Now!  The whisper has come.  The time is now. (26.15)

In the Treatises we hear that our true selves cause an explosion in the house of illusion:

Illusion has been to you like a house with many doors.  You have chosen many doors to the same house and but thought them to offer different things, only to find that the house you entered was still the same house, the house of illusion.  You took your self into these many rooms and in some you were even capable of representing your true self.  This representation of the true self within the house of illusion was like an explosion happening there.  For a moment, the floorboards shook, the walls quaked, the lights dimmed.  All those within the house became aware of something happening there.  All attention turned toward the explosion but its source could not be found.

As we jointly individuate in The Dialogues that explosion is compared to the big bang, the explosion of creation.

I have imagined it as being launched into the stratosphere by A Course of Love and as having dialogue be where we land when we return to level ground. We return with the charge to create anew and to own this dialogue:

You must now own this dialogue — own it as you own the power that is yours.  This one voice of the many will continue to point the way for only a short time longer.  Thus the voice of the many must be heard as the voice of the one.  You are not on this mountain top alone!  Can you not hear your own voice?  Can you not hear the voices of the many who join us here?

The movement of this series is a movement that allows our trust, our knowing, and our certainty to grow into its full expression. Dialogue then becomes our means to practice and bring forth what we have realized. This bringing forth is the completion of the work of this course.

It’s the completion of our work with “the books” anyway, and a beginning of taking our places in the continuing dialogue – just as if we’d learned to be doctors and it was time to take up our places as healers. We can’t stay learners forever, and Jesus calls us to the end of learning and to step into our lives “on level ground” and elevate them…through love and through dialogue.

The Dialogues were complete on October 8, 2001. Sometime in 2002, I received a piece called Dialogue Unveiled. I hope you’ll visit the link to the full text of “Dialogue Unveiled” and my own “One Voice on Dialogue” that follows it. Here is a taste to entice you to do so:

From “Dialogue Unveiled”

see the full text here: http://www.acourseoflove.com/Dialoge_Unveiled.shtml

Once an initial place of safety is found (where two or more willing to be clear pools are gathered together) practice begins, and this will be joyous. But it is practice. Fear will still arise, but you will be able to reveal your fear. Discomfort will still arise but you will be able to reveal your discomfort. You will willingly be vulnerable and in your vulnerability will the restrictions, denial, boundaries and judgments of the past be washed away. You will realize how you are used to holding back and you will begin, slowly at first, not to hold yourself back. You may begin as fearful of revealing your own truth and wisdom as you are of revealing your fears and hurts. But soon you will be unable to hold back. When this occurs, the universal and the personal meld into a creative bursting forth.

This is the work of dialogue. It is the movement and expression of being. It is to be moved and affected, to allow your heart to feel, to open, to cry out, to sing. It is to be inspired and allow your own wisdom and ideas to flow freely, be given voice, be shared. It is to listen as a receptacle, receiving what is poured forth from others without judgment. It is to receive the actual energy of another, to feel the connection, to allow the pouring forth into one pool, and to allow the pool to move you in unforeseen directions.

In “Dialogue Unveiled,” Jesus asks us these questions:

How willing are you to leave The Dialogues as a topic in order to enter the dialogue? How willing are you to leave behind the wisdom of the Course to discover and offer your own wisdom? How willing are you to accept the wisdom of the one voice in the many and the many in the one?

How willing are you to listen? How willing are you to receive? How willing are you to offer your gifts? How willing are you to accept the gifts of others? How willing are you to accept differences?

How willing are you to allow yourself to be fully who you are in the present moment in the company of those with whom you gather?


I invite you to explore these questions.

Are you willing? Are you ready?


From One Voice on Dialogue (written by me, the full text follows “Dialogue Unveiled”)

This is why the invitation to be in dialogue is so powerful: It is a recognition and an affirmation that the work [of A Course of Love] is not complete without our participation, our knowing, and our expression.

As we focus on The Dialogues, The Dialogues return our focus to ourselves. We are in partnership, experiencing collaboration. We are in dialogue.




11 Responses to Dialogue

  1. Jacques says:

    Hello again,

    Following the call I made to a number of friends for the best way to reach and sustain an intimate and on going dialogue between Lovers of the Heart, and which was posted here, the answers I got all proposed that we should continue with the Spiritual Sharing Groups which work in the following manner:

    1- About 20 minutes of silence to quiet teh en=mind and open the Heart, concentrating on Listening to the common Voice while being aware of our personal and collective connection to Love in this moment, and at all times.

    2- A 5 t0 15 minutes of writing down what is felt and inspired, and not what is thought, in the present moment. (Usually made up of feelings of much gratitude).

    3- Once every one has finished writing, and when we are all ready, a verbal sharing of what was felt and written is done, with a pause of at least 30 seconds between each share to make sure that we have listened attentively and received before listening to the next sharing.

    4- Once all those who wanted to shared have done so, and after another silent period of at least 5 minutes, each one has the opportunity for a final sharing in the form of one phrase expressing what was felt overall after listening to all that was shared.

    N.B. We try not to follow this up immediately or mix this experience with other social activities, not to lose the “sacredness” felt.

    It works very well in groups of two to 8 persons.

    A very simple but very powerful experience. Hard to describe in words which can only describe the process or the steps, but not the experience which is always new and always richer than the last time it had been done.

    Every three months we gather in a suitable quiet setting for a week-end of Spiritual Sharing at the rate of 5 sharing periods a day starting with a first before breakfast and a last one before going to bed. And the build up is tremendous.

    With time and the repeated practice of this exercise, a wonderful sustaining factor builds up within and between the participants.

    If this can help or inspire other people, great!


  2. Jacques says:

    Hi Mari,

    I will soon send the following message in French to a small number of people with whom I have already had abundant and significant spiritual encounters during a failry long period of time. I have no idea what the response will be. I just feel that we can move on from what we have already done and felt.

    NB Only two are as yet readers of ACOL

    Here is an English translation of the essence of his message. Who knows, some other yet unknown friends can also chip in.


    I would like an intimate and on going dialogue to develop itself between us or al least between some of us already moving forward together along the way of an interior life, the connection with the divine within. A real dialogue not restricted to words that can really arouse deep feelings of belonging together in Love.

    A dialogue that allows us to unveil our Self, to dis-Cover it. To dis-Cover the true unity of this Self within the deep mystery that attracts all, shines everywhere and calls for constant exploration.

    In fact and beyond any doupt, this dialogue already exists. It’s the dialogue of the Heart. Can we find as well a material form of expression of this dialogue while maintaining its heart flavour; a strong, shared and felt Presence? If so, I know you will surely feel it.

    What does the Voice of the Heart tell us?

    I’ll just wait and See.


  3. Hi Mari,

    I wanted to post this email on your Blog. Thank you again for who you are.



    On Nov 30, 2012, at 11:52 AM, “Joe Hehir” wrote:
    Hi everyone,

    As part of my spiritual work in November / December – before we resume work on The Way of Mastery in January, and as a result of my trip to Colorado where I met Mari Perron who received A Course of Love (ACOL), I have gone back to revisit the last volume of ACOL which is entitled The Dialogues of A Course of Love. A major part of this work is a visit to “the top of the mountain”, with Jesus where we are spending Forty Days and Nights together on the mountain. Below is an excerpt from the tenth day entitled Power. The voice is that of Jesus. It struck me that I should share this with all my fellow travelers. It has had a powerful impact on me. I trust that you will find this selection helpful.



    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, turn your thoughts not to ideals of social activism, to causes, or to championing any one side over another. Turn not to your thoughts but to your feelings and go where they lead. And everywhere they lead you, remember one thing only. Remember to embrace your power. The power of love is the cause and effect that will change the world by returning you, and all your brothers and sisters, to who you are in truth. This cannot be done from without but must be done from within. It is the transformation that is caused within that will affect the world without.
    The power you must come to rely upon is the power of your own Self to create and express the cause and effect that is the power of love.
    Although I need no awareness of the issues facing your time in order to speak to you of such things, I am aware of them. So is every other living thing because all that lives exists in relationship. What I have often referred to as the urgency of this time has been partially because of these issues and partially because of your readiness. It is no accident that these two aspects of urgency are converging. When your reliance on all that exists apart from your Self – your reliance on science and technology and medicine and military might – has been shown to be unfounded, a new source of reliable power is finally sought with the tenacity with which these other sources of seeming power have been sought. This is what has occurred. This is the time at which we stand.
    All of the solutions to the issues facing the world and those who live upon it have been pursued separately from one another and from God – until recently. Now unity is being sought and unity is being found.
    But these issues, when removed from feelings, still remain issues. They remain social causes, environmental causes, political causes. The cause of all these issues is fear. The cause and effect of love is all that will replace these causes of fear with the means and end that will transform them along with you. You are means and end. It is within your power to be saviors of the world. It is from within that your power will save the world.
    As you can see, it is difficult for me, even now, even in this final address to you as the man Jesus, to speak of feelings without addressing the grand scheme of things. I want to comfort and reassure you in this final message. I want to tell you to be embraced by love and to let all the feelings of love flowing through you now find their expression. I desire, more than anything, your happiness, your peace, and your acceptance of the power that will cause these tilings to come to be. Yet I know you and what you want to hear. I know you have long waited for your feelings to be addressed in a more personal way. Please remember that none of the approaches that have been used to address your feelings in the way you might desire have worked.
    This will work.
    This is the secret of succession, your promised inheritance. This is the gift of love I came to give and give newly now, to you. Blessed brother and sister, we feel the same love, the same compassion, the same tenderness for each other and the world.
    This is unity. This will save us. This will save the world.

    Excepted from The Dialogues of a Course of Love, pg. 197- 198

    This email has been sent to students of A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and The Way of Mastery.

  4. Celia Hales says:

    Dear Mari,

    Is the conference call going now? I would like to be a part, if it is at all possible.

    I plan to publish on A Course of Love in the spring of 2012 in my blog. I need the time in between to prepare.

    Love, Celia

  5. Day 22 – Channeling
    “You are the channel, the conduit, of the unknown becoming known.”
    “How do you let it pass through you to the world? By….living love.”
    “This awareness of union with God is now within you awaiting your expression.”
    “Throw out all words that would express the unknown in ways that you would not, and find your own. Each way is needed. Remember only the feeling that a place of union exists in which you know God….this is the great Unknown that you can make known.”

    Two thoughts came, one from St. Francis and one from Gaga:
    Make me a channel of your peace.
    I was born this way!

    The Psalm for today, 85:
    Restore us, O Spirit of Truth.
    Revive us, O Holy One.
    Refine us, O Fire of Love.
    Remind us, Thy will be done.

    I feel like I’m being worked over. 3 dreams of encounters with strange and unappealing men. In the first, I dug through a foot of ice to find him sitting in his car, still breathing. The next, I was kissed by a hippie who was strangely familiar. And the final dream, I was frightened by a hoodlam type who was throwing rockets. Later he offered me my choice of earring, all singles. I took a small angel and then saw that he too was wearing an angel around his neck. All of the males were very “ordinary.” I am not wanting to see my friends or talk to family and trying to honor that, and will continue to note my dreams. Our son is doing very well and bragging about it, of course.
    With love,

    • Mari says:

      Being “worked over” is a great way to put it. It’s a part of what happens with A Course of Love that isn’t talked about enough. I’ve been very lucky to know a couple of people who were being “worked over” as strongly as I was — otherwise I would have thought I was losing it many times.

      I’ve really appreciated some of the new books, like Andrew Harvey’s “The Hope” that concur about this feeling. It was always there in the mystics of the past, but for so many years I wasn’t hearing anything about this (although it may have been there — I haven’t read nearly as much as I used to since A Course of Love came along). I’m lucky there too because I seem to be drawn to what I need, even if it’s 50 year old books by Thomas Merton.

      The saving grace, I feel, is in knowing that there is purpose or a method to the madness. My new language for it is about dying and rebirthing but I’ve also, like many now, seen a correspondence in what’s happening in the world and within us — a collapse of the old ways to make room for the new.

      Please share as much about this as you feel inclined to, and I’d love it if you’d join the dialogue on the new Fostering Dialogue page.

      I’m glad your son is doing well!

  6. I am on Day Sixteen on the Dialogues. My desire is to stay in the state of “a constant coming to know.” Having met you, Mari, last week, I am getting a little clearer on what it means to live in that state, though many thoughts and feeling are racing through me constantly.
    Today I do a reading/singing at a public library. After reading Day 16, I know that I will do my song, “Just Say Now.” The chorus goes: Do what you do. Be where you be. Stay in today. See what you see. Don’t go to fast or get stuck in the past, just try getting high on NOW!
    Then later today, I’m meeting for the first time with the minister at the Unity Spiritual Center in Sartell, MN. I want to show talk to her about my music and book, and ACOL.
    The dialogue begins…..and continues….. in love!

    Blessings and gratitude,
    p.s. Today at 1:00, my son Tom in Chicago is having a hip replacement as a result of a bike accident. Please remember him. He has the exact same birthday (year and date) as Obama, and is a special boy.

    • Mari says:

      I remember that when receiving The Dialogues, my excitement seemed to steadily grow, especially in these middle days. When I re-read the 40 Days it always happens again. I haven’t found the right word for the feeling yet. It’s not exactly excitement but I would get excited by the other feeling I can’t define. Maybe it is like music that way.

      I hope you’re feeling relieved by a successful surgery. Blessings to you and “your boy.”

  7. John Walsh says:

    Good day Mari,

    I have been invited to participate in a dialogue group and am quite excited about it.
    It’s going to be in a conference call format with folks from various places.Your insight on the place of the facilitator is very helpful.

    I read these books very slowly and don’t think about the material very much,just let it “percolate”. I find the material to be so substantive that reading a lot at a sitting is overwhelming.

    I used to do a lot of reading but no longer do so.There is just So Much! informative material available but precious little transformative.I find A Course of Love toi be transformative in my life.

    Thank You! for being able to receive this Transmission.

    Much love to you,
    John Walsh

    • Mari says:

      Thanks so much for responding John.

    • Mari says:

      I’m excited too. Greg Pregnon initiated the group because he didn’t have anyone to be in dialogue with in Kansas. The idea is such a good one, I’ll probably do a mailing soon to see if others are interested. Anyone reading this, let me know if you’d like to be connected to a group that will meet via conference call. This first group is committing to talk once a week for three months.

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